By Miles car insurance offers fully comprehensive cover to protect both your car and cars
belonging to third parties. When you get a quote, you pay a fixed annual cost upfront to
cover your car against theft, vandalism and accidental damage when it’s parked for the
year. You’ll also be given a per-mile rate to cover your driving, which you’ll pay for the
miles you drive each month – like a mobile phone bill.

Once you’ve bought a policy, By Miles will send you a matchbox sized Miles Tracker to
plug into your car to keep count of the miles you drive, or for some newer cars the
company can collect mileage directly from your car’s odometer. you can keep track of the
miles you’ve driven, and how much it will cost each month in the app or on the website.
It’s important to note that By Miles policies are ‘pay as you drive’ not ‘how you drive’, so
they only use the distance you drive to price your insurance. That means they won’t use
when or how you drive to change your insurance cost.

By Miles insurance policies can start as early as the next day.
Much like other car insurance policies, if you need to make a claim on your By Miles car
insurance policy, you’ll pay a fixed excess fee when you claim.

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