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Mistakes young drivers should avoid to get car insurance

There is no secret that young drivers are at higher risks of accidents as compared to older ones. As per Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, young drivers are at 4 times more risk of getting accidents. 

This is due to number of factors including,

Lack of experience of dealing with emergency situations

Inclination to show off in front of their friends 

Distracted driving and lack of focus

 Their common mistakes are not only leading them to accidents but can invalidate their insurance also. 

Things young drivers should avoid to get a car insurance in UK 

There are multiple things which young drivers need to avoid to get car insurance in the UK. Here we have enlisted some important ones to consider. 

Over speeding or any other conviction

Common drivers speed occasionally but young drivers can do this for fun. They often have no idea about how the speed of the car can affect the response time in any serious situation. Therefore, they exceed speed limits even on residential roads. Excess speeding can lead to a dismissal of your insurance claim. 

Withholding information about previous damages 

Not only young but all the drivers are required to declare the details of their previous damages. Even if these damages are minor dents, knocks, or accidents they haven’t claimed for. In case of withheld information about previous damages, it may invalidate your insurance. 

Modifications to the car

It clearly makes sense if you have put a new engine, added racing seats or lowered the suspension that you tell your insurance provider. But various other things could also mean you are not covered anymore. if you haven’t told your insurer about anything related to below things, it can change the cost of your insurance.

Tinted windows 

Custom paint jobs

New engine Installation

So, these should be stated honestly and with proper attention.

Unexpected longer driving 

If you are spending a long time on the road the chances to get an accident or any unexpected experience increases too. It means your annual mileage is essential for setting an insurance premium. Your insurer can opt for not to pay if your mileage is significantly higher as compared to what you have estimated. 

How do car insurance companies in the UK evaluate young drivers?

Firstly they check the driving record of young drivers along with their driving license. You can expect an insurance company to look back at the interval or history of your driving along with an MVH (Motor vehicle report). Young drivers with more satisfied driving reports can get more perks. 

Records are gathered properly

In addition companies will also check credit reports alondside driving records to paint a more complete picture about you. Insurance companies usually know more about you as compared than what you may have assumed. 

What can go against you while claiming the insurance?

When it comes to how often a car insurance company will check your record depends on the policiy of the company . A recent conviction, whether speeding convictions or other violations can impact your insurance claims. These will turn up on your records so it goes without saying it is important to make sure to keep your driving record as clean as possible. 

Final Thoughts:

Passing a driving test and getting a license to be behind the wheel is one of the biggest independences for young drivers. 

However, when it comes to car insurance then there are certain things to focus on. Unfortunately, it is easy to invalidate your policy in the UK with a few common mistakes that most young drivers make. 

As young drivers are always in a hurry compared with older ones, they should take driving rules more seriously than others.  Young drivers should keep the above points in mind to avoid any issues in claiming on their insurance.

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Amelia Grange

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